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Riccia changing colour

I've got a bunch of Riccia growing in my small tank (2'X20"X20").
The Riccia isn't tied to any driftwood or rocks but entangled
with Hair Grass (Eleocharis Parvulus).  It's a tip that I picked up 
from the man himself, Takashi Amano when he was in Singapore during 
Aquarama 97.  The leaves of the Riccia will get meshed up with the 
the Hair Grass, thereby keeping them submerged in the water.

The strange thing that I noticed in the past few weeks is that
the Riccia is changing colour.  Instead of a bright green, it's
becoming a dark green.  It is in fact, taking on the same colour
as the Hair Grass.  I have another bunch in another corner of the
same tank and these are grown entanged with Java Moss.  And the
same thing's happening, the Riccia is turning to the same colour
as the Moss.  It's still bright green at the top but the portion
below that is entangled with the Moss is already dark green in colour.

Does anyone have the same experience?  I'm beginning to wonder
whether certain plants, like animals, camouflage themselves by
taking on the colour of their background.  Or is it just a problem
with the lighting?  I'm using two 2-feet flourescent tubes.
Any comments will be appreciated.  Thanks.

Loh K L