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test kits

I know that the kits form Lamotte are superior (superior price too) but
will the following kits work?:
	Seachem:  Nitrate
Buying all Lamotte kits will cost an extra $90!!!  Should I just bite the
bullet and go for the Lamotte?  Any info from folks with experience using
the Seachem or any other reliable kits would be greatly apreciated.

Also has anyone had good results with GH kits other than Lammote's GH kit

I do plan on getting Lamotte's pH and KH kits.

This will be my first planted tank and I want to know whats going on, in
it.  Are there any other recomended test kits?

I have about twenty years experience with unplanted FW tanks and three
years of SW tanks (I haven't done the SW for about six years).  And I think
that the discovery of this list is the best thing that has happened during
that time.  That is untill I have my first sucessful palnted tank!