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Nothing under the gravel

This is really open for discussion............

I have several very attractive aquariums (IMO) that have been set up for
over six years with NOTHING under the three inches of silica gravel.  I
keep lots of fish (not an overload) and the fish mulm goes down into the
gravel.  The proof is that you can pull out lots of mulm from below the
gravel with a Python Gravel Cleaner.  I don't use this much -- just
allowing the plants to utilize the waste of the fish.  If the individual
plants look like they are not growing  the way I think they should, then I
might stick a clay ball (Dupla or other brand) down in the gravel next to
the plant.  Depending on the situation, I might use a "Jobe Stick" or
another brand that is similar.

I have no algae problems and an example of my heavy planting is
approximately 20 different varieties in a 70 gallon aquarium.  My lighting
is Triton (4 - 40 watts over a 70 gallon with Triton Enhancers); weekly
additive is "Flora-Boost" (iron and manganese mainly); CO2 - one bubble per
second and I keep at least one clam shell in each aquarium which slowly
deteriorates.  Very little mulm accumulates and if so, it is removed by
siphon about once a month.  The pH stays at approximately 6.8)  I run a
Water Changer for about an hour once a week (tap water is 7.0 to 7.2) and
burn my lights 14 hours a day.  The aquarium is groomed at least every two
weeks and loads of plants are given away.

Why not let the waste of the fish be utilized instead of so many
questionable substrates?

Once again, this is open for discussion for a "new thread".

Aquatic Gardeners Association