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Re: Aquaterrararium.

> Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 19:03:03 +0400
    > From: "Gerald Lisik" <dogl at intnet_mu>
    > I'm new to this list and this is my first post: Can someone give 
me general
    > tips and instructions to make an aquaterrarium based on her/his 
    > My girlfriend always wanted me to start one and I found the idea
    > attractive, plants both on land and under water, in the same 
tank!! thanks
    > to all,

    The new trendy name for this is "paludarium", from the Latin paludus 
= swamp.
    I suggest you search the web with this key - there are some 
interesting sites
    out there, but I don't have the URLs handy.

I have been a lurker here for some time about a year ago, and again 
recently, but have never tried posting here before.  This message is to 
see if this works, and also because I thought that if you were 
interested in different ideas to set up a paludarium, you may want to 
check out the paludarium page of my website,
This isn't a very graphics oriented site, so you won't see lots of 
paludarium pictures, but it does briefly describe some of the basic 
types of paludarium setups.  BTW, this list is great!  I learned a lot a 
year ago, and remember when Dr. Quackenbush was busy defending his kitty 
litter method.  It's strange to see it so popular now, remembering all 
the heat it stirred up back then!
-Kent Turner
Tropic Cove

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