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Re: New Member

In a message dated 98-04-03 17:10:27 EST, you write:

<< I happen to think it was great, and I would do it again and again
> with a smile on my face.  Petsmart is a $billion+ national chain with more
> than enough capital and over-inflated prices...with substandard fish: thus
> the name "Deathmart" or "Nitrate City".  In my opinion, if they do not
> have the intelligence to mark their inventory corrrectly and to not train
> the employees on the most basic fundamentals of fish keeping, then too bad
> for them.  I will continue to buy $18 dollar plants at Petsmart for $1.49
> as long as they have their head up their ass.  My only regret as of now,
> was to boast to the list of this, since this can be construed to be
> unethical, etc......For the record, I would not consider doing this if it
> was a mom and pop store.  What's the difference you say? Quite a
> bit.....nevertheless, let's stop hashing this out...good day. Tom
So... let's see, Tom.....
It's okay to deliberately underpay at the Billion-Dollar chain store, but not
the mom-and-pop local shop.  Hmmmm....  So it should be legal to burglarize
Deion Sanders home because he is a multi-millionaire, but it's okay that
burglarizing in the slums is a crime.  It is good that shoplifting from the
cornerstore is illegal, but we should be allowed to carry off anything we want
from Wal-Mart.  We should be sure to send in the 20 bucks to the small-time
shareware developer, but Bill Gates shouldn't care when someone bootlegs a
copy of Windows.

Thanks, Tom.  You've made my life more affordable.  I'll just steal and/or
cheat at the big-name places and quit patronizing the folks who I perceive as
not being able to afford losses of that proportion.  I guess my self-esteem
can be bought that cheaply.

Bob Dixon
in Boise, where the weather has been great all winter (Thanks, El Nino) and we
take pride in being honest and honorable.