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ESU Coralife pH Tester

I know, I know, in my last posting I was complaining about a $14 check
valve and know I'm asking questions about a $50 ph pen.??  Well here is the

I'm a lucky man/person in that my lady/girlfriend/partner/lover/housemate
like gadgets as much as i do and she has always wanted an electronic ph
tester, she keeps african cichlids.  I thought if I'm (that is we) spending
a couple of hundred on a planted tank, it would only be fair to get Heather
a pH pen.

So now the questions.  
Is this a good product?
What's up with the calabration solutions:
	Do I need all 3 (7.0 4.0 & 10.0)
	Can I just use my tap water (7.0 -7.1 according to the city)for the 7.0
	How long does a 4 oz bottle last?

With four tanks in the house each getting, on average, a ph test 2-3 times
a week that 32-48 ph test a month.  And I' know for the first few months I
will test my planted tank at least daily.  It seems to me to be more cost
effective to to buy a $50 test pen once, over a LaMotte pH refill every
month plus the $25 cost for the kit it's self.

thanx again,