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Re: new member

Well, I am the immoral person in question.  First I'd like to apologize
for "bragging" about such a purchase.  If you disagree with what I did, so
be it.  I happen to think it was great, and I would do it again and again
with a smile on my face.  Petsmart is a $billion+ national chain with more
than enough capital and over-inflated prices...with substandard fish: thus
the name "Deathmart" or "Nitrate City".  In my opinion, if they do not
have the intelligence to mark their inventory corrrectly and to not train
the employees on the most basic fundamentals of fish keeping, then too bad
for them.  I will continue to buy $18 dollar plants at Petsmart for $1.49
as long as they have their head up their ass.  My only regret as of now,
was to boast to the list of this, since this can be construed to be
unethical, etc......For the record, I would not consider doing this if it
was a mom and pop store.  What's the difference you say? Quite a
bit.....nevertheless, let's stop hashing this out...good day. Tom