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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #178

> From: "=?iso-8859-1?Q?Hans_Sand=E9n?=" <hans.sanden at vaxjo_mail.telia.com>
> Subject: light

> I have read this articel
> Low-Tech Natural Aquarium Guide
> By Dan S. Quackenbush for "Freshwater and Marine Aquarium" magazine
> Part 1 (Vol. 20 #2) Febuary 1997
> In the section ? Incandescent Lighting
> He writes "A 65 watt bulb gives me more than a 50% increase over the dual 20
> watt fluorescent bulbs over my 20 gal. high. " and a little futher down he
> writes "I can get 150 watts of light. That's about the equivelent of 8
> fluorescent bulbs on my 20 gal."

150 watts of incandescent light is about equivalent to as little as 1/4
that amount in fluorescents, or about 40 watts of fluorescent. 

> The question is should I get those ordinary Halogen lights or should I
> upgrad the fluorescent hood so I can get in 10 bulbs warm white with total
> ight wattage of 300W.

10 bulbs can be unweildy; you might look for alternate approaches, such as
Metal Halide (which has very similar efficiency to fluorescent bulbs).  A
single 250 watt fixture, or two 175 watt fixtures might be just what you
need.  Metal Halide is NOT the same as Halogen, btw.

Alternatively, there are VHO fluorescent tubes, which are about 3x as
bright as normal output tubes.  You could get away with a hood of three
tubes.  And finally, compact fluorescent bulbs are available in wattages
up to 55 and 96... also an option.

> I get the same amount of light if I get two halogen lamps.

Unfortunately, what will happen is you'll get the equivalent of 75
watts of fluorescent, plus a nifty 300 watt heater over your tank.

  - Erik

Erik Olson				
eriko at wrq.com