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Re: Need 24v Power Supply for Dupla 500 Cables

>Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 10:44:37 -0500
>From: "Tom Brennan" <brennans at ix_netcom.com>
>I am setting up a new 90g tank and will be purchasing the DUPLAFLEX 500
>HEATING CABLE 150 WATT 24 VOLT. Does anyone have a good source for a 24v
>power supply to be used with Dupla 500 cables ? I do not want to pay the
>outrageous price for the Duplamat 250w/24v power supply.
>George B. are you still assembling them ? If so let me know.

Nope, sorry, that was too much work for too little money.  I charged $70 for a 
100w supply and $100 for a 200w supply.  Here are the ingredients:

4A 24V transformer  (Use 2 in parallel for 200w) 
Part Num 241-8-24  $24.70      
Signal Transformer Co.
500 Bayview Ave. 
Inwood, NY 11696
(516) 239-5777

Note: you have to lie and pretend you are a "business" to buy from them, so the 
ethically pure will have to look elsewhere. This is a good transformer that 
seems under rated for current. It runs much cooler than a "5A" transformer from 
All Electronics ($15). Allied Electronics also has a broad range of 

Perforated metal case, 6"x4"x5"  $18.01  
P/N L176-ND $18.01
(800) 344-4539

Banana jacks, fuse, fuseholder, power indicator LED, LED holder, 2.4k ohm 
resistor, rubber feet, power cord - Radio Shack, ~$15

Drills, reamer, soldering iron, solder, wire, heat shrink tubing and bandaids 
supplied by the assembler. 

Good luck,