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Arcillite (Profile Aquatic Plant Soil)

I found Profile Aquatic Plant Soil at Home Quarters the other day in the
garden section.  It was $7.30 for a 10 pound bag.  In response to  the
question about its grain size in digest  #172, one of the bags was
slightly ripped and it appeared to be rather small grained, less than 1mm
in size, thin, and tan in color.   It says right on the bag that the
aquatic plant soil holds on to plant nutrients from fertilizer and
exchanges them directly with plant roots. I do like the idea that it
sinks so well.  Sounds like it would be less messy than pulling a plant
up from garden soil.  And after struggling to pull up a large Echinodorus
with 19 inch roots last weekend, I'm willing to look at alternatives.  If
I can find some extra space I may purchase a bag and experiment.   

Kevin Gilpin
in the sunflower state of Kansas