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Re: small worm appearance

Dennis J. Harney wrote:

> My problem is a sudden appearance of small worms, probably nematodes.
> They
> are about 3 to 5 mm in length with a white color.  They float through
> the
> water column wiggling around.  At any one time there seems to be
> around 20
> in the water column.  They are numerous on the substrate.  Looking at
> the
> glass, it appears they are more numerous (hundreds) near the top of
> the
> substrate.  Most appear alive and active as the squirm through the
> gravel.
> They must not be too tasty since the Dannies spit them out (and they
> eat
> anything).  Today is the first I have seen the worms.

Sounds like planaria to me. I had the same trouble, in a non-planted
tank. The good news is that while they are related to more troublesome
parasites, they don't seem to be harmful, although they aren't
particularly pretty. I tried several of the stronger parasite
medications to no avail. The solution, for me, was regular doses of
Aquarisol (a copper-based solution) and more limited feeding (these guys
apparently thrive in excess nutrients). I still see one every once in a
while, but they are certainly not taking over the aquarium. BTW, my
danios swallow 'em whole. Must not be as discriminating. :-)

On a different note, is anyone familiar with Ludwigia palustris? Mine
does not appear at all like pictures I have seen of wild L. palustris.
It also doesn't look anything like other Ludwigia spp. (it has green,
oval-shaped leaves, no red at all). I have also heard L. palustris
described as a temperate water plant, but mine seems to be thriving at
76-78 degrees. Perhaps it was mislabeled when I bought it? Thanks in