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I need some help/advice

I don't know it this got on the list or not. I only received a small part of
it yesterday. If so please overlook the repost.

I have three moderately planted tanks. Two are doing good and third is not
and I am not sure why.

I have a 60G 18"W x 24"D x 36"L. It has 120 watts of Fluorescent light. I
used kitty litter with #3 Sandblasting sand over that. Osmocote time release
fertilizer, 18-6-12, in the clay. The last time the water was checked it was
7.4 pH and moderate hardness.  DIY Co2.

I bought plants from Dan at All Aquatic plants. They all looked good when
they arrived. Shortly after planting that changed:

Corkscrew Vals died. -One floated loose and I put it in the 20G and it is
doing great.
Bolbtis fern died - the one in 20G is growing, slow but looks good.
Melon Sword died - I had two so I removed the other one in hopes of saving
Alt. reineckii - looks withered, plants in 20G look good.
Sagittaria- dwarf. - they look OK, see some new growth and red leaves.
Ludwigia - (collected locally) Started growing real fast. Put on new red
leaves, now just sitting there.

Java Fern, Fontalis (collected from a local spring) water sprite and 2
swords are growing well. Also I have a lot of green algae. On the sand,
glass and starting to see it on the plants.

The 20G that everything is doing so well in is the same setup as the above
except it has a 60 watt incandescent bulb. The sand was collected locally
from a creek. Is it possible that the sand has something to do with this?
EVERYTHING in this tank does better than the 60G. I know that something is
different but I am not sure what it is. Also much less green algae.

There appears to be adequate lighting. I don't have any test kits at the
moment. Besides pH, Ammonia, and nitrates is there something that I might
want to check for? I would appreciate some advice because I am about ready
to go back to plastic plants in this tank!

Jeff <*\\><
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