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Re: Brown Thread Algae

You wrote:
 I think it may have come the soil I used. I got
it from outside my apartment building, and other than straining it and
some sphagnum peat moss, I didn't decontaminate it in any way. Once before
used some soil from the same place in a small tank and the same sort of
mush" as above grew. I've bleached everything else that went into the tank.

Is this stuff actually algae? I don't think I've seen anyone else describe

Shame on you, Matt -- making the same mistake twice!!  With all of the
money you spend on the hobby, why not do it right and eliminate the
problems.  Get the Dupla laterite to be SURE -- follow directions and you
will grow beautiful aquatic plants.  I'll be happy to send you some to
start -- free.  And, don't even use their fertilizer tablet unless you are
not going to put fish in the aquarium.  Don't mess around with lots of