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crypt rot

well, it'my turn, my due as beginner.
I got 2 months ago a fine bunch of crypt (wendtii I believe) which did 
well until I almost doubled the light level. I tried to minimize such a 
stress by increasing the on period of the new bulb gradually and 
thought the other surrounding plants will have shadowed enough. 
unfortunately it did not worked. I also suspect there could happened a 
temperature shock (from a max of 26 to a max of 28C) since the new bulb 
was on for 8 hours. now the temperature is almost stable varying from 
25.5C at the morning to <27C at the evening.
crypts leaves started to rot from the top but it is a slow process in 
the sense there still are lots of apparently healthy leaves.
my questions are:
- is the rot irreversible, I mean will all the leaves rot anyway ?
- is there any special care crypts will need to recover , i.e. 
fertilizer or things to avoid ?
and finally
- should I expect a similar behaviour from other low light plants like 
Anubias ?
thank you very much in advance