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Ceratopteris thalictroides and siliquosa

To Bob and Jean and all,

A few years ago I wrote an article on the Genus Ceratopteris.
In that article I scoffed at those who thought C. thalictroides
and C. siliquosa were different species.  I exclaimed that they
were the same plant grown under different conditions!

Now I have to eat my words.  I have been raising what I believe
to be C. siliquosa for about a year.  I have sold perhaps 3-400
young plants from the original two that I received from Singapore.

The fern-like leaves are dramatically different from my C.
thalictroides, and they are raised in the same water, same light,
same CO2, same fertilization.

Anyone wishing to try some please email and I'll send you one
as long as you pay the postage.(Believe me, one is all you need!)

Now I'd like to be able to distinguish between C. pteriodes and
C. cornuta. (In the flesh!)

Karl Schoeler