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rinsing new plants

Hi all,
I've seen reference's to rinsing new plants and using saltwater to rinse
them.  I need to know exactly how to do this or does it matter?  I'm
thinking just putting them in the sink and turning the tap sprayer on
them for a few minutes--is this right or wrong?  Salt water dips--are we
talking marine salt (Instant Ocean) or table salt and what's the ratio
of salt to water?
Does anyone buy mailorder plants?  What kind of luck--healthy, nice
plants?  Where are some of the plants MO places at--any web based?
How are you doing,
If you want to make sure to kill anything on the plants you can use powered Alum from a drugstore in the concentration of 1 tbsp per quart of water for 5 mins.  Then rinse under tap water.

Hope I some help