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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #158

Is there a way to determine by pH measurements or otherwise, that you
have enough CO2 to exceed requirements thus maxing out the rate of

Yes there is. I'm not sure about the humic acids, but by measuring the
PH before your lights come on in the morning and comparing that to the
PH reading before the lights go out will indicate the amount of co2
consumed by the plants. It is not unusual for a planted tank to read 6.5
before the lights come on and 7.0 right before they go out. This of
course is due the surplus of Co2 in the am caused by the lack of
photosynthesis without the lights on and vice versa in the evening. The
plants shopuld be maximizing their intake of Co2 allowing the ph to
become more neutral. The bigger the difference, the healthier the
plants... or something like that.