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moving with plant tank/bay area

Hi all!!

I have learned that the ol' hubby got a job in Santa Clara for the summer.
We will be driving, and I would like to take the tank mostly because I am
afraid to leave it.  

Parameters:  It's a 20 gal high planted tank with ~3" vermiculite soil soup
substrate with 1" small gravel.  Plants are amazon swords, baby tears,
lileaopsis, red melon sword (?), and some banana plants.  Fully planted,
but not a jungle.  Little to no algae.  Plants grow such that I prune a
little bit once a week.  The tank is on a piece of wood, so is sort of
evenly supported.  

I am considering:  Remove all water.  Carry tank to car.  Add 3" water
above substrate.  Make sure plants aren't stuck to the sides.  Everything
will bend down except the amazon swords.  Cover swords with light, wet
cloth/hankerchief and cover entire tank with a wet towel.  Is this
feasible?  Any other suggestions?  With all the water removed, will the
weight of the substrate still be unmanagable?  Would adding more than 3" of
water stress the side of the tank if sloshed about?  We have to be able to
carry it down 1 flight of stairs without it or us breaking.  The tank will
be in transit for 2-4 days (determined by when the cat begins to go over
the edge <g>) in the back of a mini van.

If it is truly impossible to move, would it hurt the plants for me to leave
only a 15W flourescent bulb on a timer.  I left the tank for 3 weeks over
Christmas with >15W, and somebody fed the fish and added water twice in
that time.  When I got back it was fine, but overgrown and kind of
slimy/algae, so I would like to reduce the light if I leave them this time,
but am afraid the plants will start to die and rot and create a big mess. 
I really don't have a reliable person to care for them (bunch a grad
students <g>).  It would be a big crap shoot to leave them -- if something
got out of wack or algae got established the "caretaker" wouldn't have a
clue.  The plants would be easy to replace.  My biggest concern in them
dying/being removed is reestablishing my lileaopsis 'lawn' and baby tear

I also have a five gallon no tech in a nice handy corner with both a
southern and easten window.  If our summer abode doesn't have a good
window, do you think these plants (hygro, lileaopsis, bacopa, red
ludwigia?/hygro? somethingerother) will handle some cheesy lighting setup
(desk lamp or something) for 3 months?

Ack!  One more thing.  Anybody know of someplace near Santa Clara where I
could get some sort of blooming, emersed (5 inches under water) plant for
the 5 gal?  I have saved a spot, but small town Illinois doesn't abound
with such plants.  Especially in the winter. 

Sorry I was so long winded.  Thanks for your help!
Nicole in Illinois