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Power CO2 reactor (DIY)

I use a small/cheap internal power head filter combination unit.

Attach the CO2 feed tubing to the air inlet.
Find an acrylic tube, at least a foot long which fits snugly
over the water outlet spout.
Drill small holes 1.5mm or 1/16" diameter, evenly spaced along a
straight line on the tube.
Seal (air & water tight) one end of this tube.
Attach the other end to the water outlet spout of the power head
so that the holes face downwards.

When the unit is running, the undissolved CO2 will be seen as
bubbles on the top part of the acrylic tube. Water rushing
past the gas will make it dissolve faster than usual.

The advantage of this system is that the amount of CO2
dissolving is limited by the length of the tube and water
quality. If excess CO2 enters the reactor tube will fill
up with gas and bubble out from the bottom. (In my system
the reactor tube overflows at 2 bubbles per minute) You could
increase or decrease the length of the tube to suit your
dissolved CO2 requirements.

Since I had two filter units in the same tank, I Filled the
filter can with small granules of laterite. I assume that the
accelerated water flow over them would release more nutrients
into the water.

Power head
|        |   CO2 in
|        |  ||                               Seal end of tube->
|        |--  ---+---------------------------------------------|
|        |-------+-- ---- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- -|
+--------+       ^ attach clear      ^ 1.5mm/ 1/16" Holes evenly
|oooooooo|       acrylic tube          along the bottom of tube.
|oooooooo|       to power head
|oooooooo|       outlet (keep tube horizontal)
|oooooooo| Remove sponge etc., fill with small granules of
+--------+ laterite.
Filter can.

p.s   Could someone do some tests on the FE levels in the water
      with and without the laterite in the filter? Maybe it does
      not help.. (I don't have and can't find test kits)

     In netscape the above diagram looks terrible. Best viewed under a
viewer.. WIN: Save this file as text and view with notepad.

ggrk at blr_vsnl.net.in
Bangalore, S. INDIA