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Re: Plant question

In a message dated 98-03-21 04:34:19 EST, you write:

<< There are some new arrivals at the LFS today.  I identified them from a
 plant catalog as Dracaena Sanderiana, Dracaena Variegatus, Cordyline Red
 Edge and various Syngonium species.
 I seen what look like Dracaena in a local hotel on a flower vase with the
 roots in water.  They don't look like true aquatic plants to me.  Can
 somebody please tell me more about the above mentioned plants.  Thanks for
 any info. >>

Jonathan -- None of these are aquatic plants.  Syngonium are sometimes found
along streambeds and in moist jungles, often growing as epiphytes, but they
are by no means aquatic or even "bog" plants.  The Dracaena and Cordyline
species are strictly terrestrial.  These are houseplants; they merely ENDURE
submerged culture.

Dean Sliger
Deansliger at aol_com