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5500K or 4300K

It's time to replace the bulbs in the Metal Halide Pendants over my 120G
tank. The fixtures (Coralife Pendants) came with 175W - 5500K bulbs but when
I look at the prices of replacement bulbs (at pet shops here in Toronto) I
blanched - they want around $130.00 Cdn. per bulb. I know that I can mail
order them from the U.S. for a LOT less but am wondering about replacing the
5500K bulbs with 4300K bulbs.

Does anyone have experience with both varieties of 175W Metal Halide bulbs
(i.e. the 5500K vs the 4300K) in fresh water tanks?  I realize that the
Color Temperature of the 5500K bulbs will produce an effect closer to
natural daylight but will the 4300K bulbs be sufficient for the my plants
(and save me some money in the process)?


James Purchase
jpurch at interlog_com