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Re: URI Fluorescent lights.

Hi John,

I also keep reef aquariums and I have been using the URI bulbs for about 3
years (I have no complaints).  The Super Actinic White has a 6200 K
spectrum.  The Actinic White is actually a 50/50 bulb that has a spectrum
of 5600 K and they also make Aquasun (5200 K) and Actinic 03 (7500 K, not
really for planted tanks).  If you are looking to use VHO (Very High
Output) bulbs then these are the ones that you should use.  If you are
using standard output bulb then it is really a lot cheaper to buy the
Philips or Sylvania Daylight bulbs ($17-$22 VS $3-$6).  I hope this helps.

Victor Eng
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
engfam at axionet_com

>From: "John  Riggs" <riggsj at worldnet_att.net>
>Subject: URI Fluorescent lights
>My local aquarium shop has discontinued stocking Triton bulbs and have
>started carrying bulbs from URI (Ultraviolet Resources International).
>The type they carry is Acintic White and Super Acintic White.  I can't
>find any info on these bulbs.  Does anyone on the list recommend/use the
>Acintic White.