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Cabomba/ludwigia/A. crispus problems

I Have problems with my cabomba, ludwigia r and a. crispus. They are in
a densly planted tank with crypts, amazons bacopa a., lillys, hygrophila
spp., sagits. all going great.. Water is neither hard or soft, trace
elements added along with 50% water changes weekly. Substrate 3" 2mm
sand in filtered sunlight + Co2 added.

The problem ones:

    Ludwigia repens fails. During certain periods in the last two years
they have grown beautifully and other wise die out with leaves turning
yellow with holes.

    The cabomba sometimes grows so well that I have to trim them every
sunday and most of the time all the leaves all fold skywards and the new
ends resemble "toothbrush bristles" all clumped together. They look

    The A. crispus just looks pathetic in this same tank.. but Is
blooming in a small goldfish bowl! with the same water with no CO2.     
   Aaaargh..  :-(

   Any ideas/clues from my gurus? where am I going wrong?


ggrk at blr_vsnl.net.in
Bangalore, S. INDIA
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