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Re: Emersed plants, continued

<< Most of the Echinodorous, plants like Anubias, Cryptocoryne, Tennullus,
 Hair Grass and even some stem plants are grown out of water.
 No CO2 injection, just sunlight and fertiliser, that's all the plants 
 seem to need. >>

That's not surprising since these growing conditions best represent that
natural habit of these species -- as opposed to being grown submerged in 2+
feet of water for an indefinite time.  

Some people mentioned Alteranthera sessilis and A. reineckii.  I've been
combing through botanical literature for years trying to find some reference
that any Alteranthera species -- along with "Mondo Grass" (Ophiopogon
japonicus), and a few others -- has any association with water in nature.  So
far there's been nothing.  Not so much as a mention of "found near streams" or
"inhabits wet meadows" -- nothing.  The only thing that can really be said is
that these species endure our unnatural method of cultivation.  Much in the
same was as the Dracaenas and other such plants often found stuck into
By the same token, I've never jumped onto the "Amano bandwagon" because in
every photograph of his I've ever seen, despite the constant use of the words
"nature" and "natural," all I ever see are plant species subjected to the most
unnatural growing conditions.  Yes, the tanks are quite pretty, but "natural?"

Dean Sliger
Deansliger at aol_com