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overall winner in the substrate category

Hatef Yamini writes:
> The overall winner in the substrate category seems to be #3 natural 
> quartz gravel mixed with laterite in the bottom third.  

... according to Dupla literature!! ;-)

To the best of my knowledge this has ever been demonstrated. I could
just as equally assert that a garden soil substrate is the best
substrate for growing plants when its done properly but there is also no
conclusive scientific evidence to support this either. The real problem
is in defining the criteria for "best".

There are many factors to consider in choosing a substrate not the least
of which is your personal bias. Some folks just prefer to buy something
relatively expensive which everyone else is using and other folks prefer
to use materials close at hand. I really believe that the materials
close at hand, that you use to grow regular plants, can also be very
successfully adapted for growing aquatic plants. The basic ingredients
are all there.

If you want to check-out a soil aquarium you can look at mine on my
website, http://home.infinet.net/teban If you want to look at a laterite
aquarium, checkout George's. If you want to look at a Terralit aquarium,
checkout Olga's. As for having the winning category, at the moment
Olga's pictures took first place in the Aquatic Gardeners Association
photo contest. I've been brushing up on my photography and have some
pretty nice shots so if AGA runs another contest, maybe I'll give her a
run for her money! Pix of Olga's aquarium can be seen on the AGA

But to tell the truth, getting a beautiful aquarium is more a matter of
patience, persistence and a willingness to learn. Sorry, I just had to
say something... ;-)