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Re: Zebra Mussels

     >Read an article in FAMA that SIU is experimenting on Zebra Mussels to 
     >clean up manure lagoons. Another friend mentioned that these mussels 
     >filter up so much Phosphorus and nutrients in the Great Lakes that 
     >the plankton population is too low to support Walleye frys. Any 
     >possibility on using them to suck up phosphorus in our tanks thus 
     >eliminating algae problems ?
     Aquarists have already been implicated in the introduction and spread 
     of many unwanted pest species, like water hyacinth, Hydrilla and 
     Eurasian milfoil, which has resulted in millions of dollars of 
     economic and environmental damage.  Let's not add the zebra mussel to 
     the list of species we have helped spread.  Besides, it is probably 
     illegal to possess this species in your state.  A lot of people are 
     working very hard to halt the spread of this introduced pest.
     Zebra mussels filter out particulates (e.g., plankton, detritus) from 
     the water, and because of their sheer numbers they are pretty good at 
     removing almost everything from the water column, even from a body as 
     large as one of the Great Lakes.  In response to your question, they 
     indirectly remove phosphorus and other nutrients by removing plankton 
     and detritus.  I can envision zebra mussels taking over your aquarium, 
     then crashing when the food runs out.  This is not a good idea.
     For more information, check out: