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Oh, god!


I had a persistent hair algae problem and I tried everything till I gave in and used simazen.
Like most things I think I used less then the recommended dose and the algae is more or less
disappeared. It did not at all harm the duckweed, although some of the plant growth has tapered
off and o2 bubble production is way down.  I think less than labeled doses in basically healthy
tanks are the way to go.  The simazen just helps finish off the algae  Weirdly this coincided
with a minor snail outbreak.  Strange forces at work.

Anyway,the real reason I write today is I use Plantex & a Potassium additive that both come as
dry soluble powder.  I don't really understand why people mix ppmd. Isn't that just accelerating
the oxidation of the iron & other trace elements?  Has anyone experimented with an automatic
feeder dropping the dry mix into a sump or filter intake?