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Re: Sick Farlowella

Bjorn wrote:
  I've have a farowella that appears to have Ich ;(  I have
heard(read) that they do not deal well with malachite green,
and that many armored catfish don't do well with salt
treatments.  It's in a planted community tank, classic added
a new fish syndrome (I know bad Bjorn <g>)  everything else
got a few spots, but got over it in short order.  The poor
thing has gotten salted pretty good and is getting "itchy".
I will remove the fish to a hospital tank to treat.  Having
said all of that, has any one had any experience with
treating these fish?  If so, what meds, and dosages?

IMHO, you can safely use "Clout" even though it has malachite green in it. 
It is used by importers of fish from South America and I have had no
problem with it on Farlowellas.  Just follow directions and it doesn't wipe
out your biological system.  If used with a relatively new product called
"Therapy", you can clean up the fish in 48 hours or less.

Good luck,