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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #118

At 03:48 PM 3/3/98 -0500, yo
>At 03:48 AM 3/3/1998 -0500, Gary wrote:
>>Since you only have a 75 gallon tank, I would that that 2 or at the most 3
>>algae eaters is enough for your tank.  Otherwise, they will all starve.
>In my experience, SAEs become quite adept at eating dry food (esp.
>Tetramin).  Twelve in a 75 would make a great tank to see.  But don't put
>anything else in there!    Good luck.   
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	That is good advice.  Make sure there is nothing else in the tank.  You
could also try feeding them soft cut up peas too.  Variety is the spice of
life.  I only mention the 2 or 3 per tank because many people do not
suppliment feed them, so its easier to tell them to only have 1 or 2, than
to tell them they have to start a garden in their backyard to feed their

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