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Metering Valves

> From: StephenBou <StephenBou at aol_com>

> >>If you don't want to spend the money for a good valve, get close to
> >>what you want using the valve and then fine adjustments using the
> >>regulator. I keep mine around 10psi. In any event don't be too quick
> >>to make changes or you will never get the thing adjusted.
> How do people measure the pressure after the valve? Is there a meter that 
> comes built in to the valve? Thanks.

The valve doesn't regulate pressure, but rather FLOW RATE.  We usually
measure this by bubble count.  That's what's really important at the last
stage anyway.

btw, I disagree about the "cheesy valve" approach.  The problem is not
just the ability to adjust it, but the valve's stability over time.
The cheaper ones will drift open or closed.  In my experience, I
definitely notice the difference between the Nupro $50 valve (very
stable) and the $12 ARO valve (not so stable, but still usable).


Erik Olson				
eriko at wrq.com