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Re: Dupla cables

Jon wrote:  Daleco also lists a Dupla heating cable system in FAMA for 200
gallon tank
that is only $480 with cables, transformer, anchors and Tunze controller.
there a major disadvantage to using the smaller 200 gallon system? Spending
several hundred $ less is very appealing.
Is there a better source for Dupla stuff at a better price that I've
I have been using Rena heating cables.  They come in 25watt and 50watt
lengths and are waterproof.  I forget how much they are mail order
($25/each maybe?) and I also forget which mail order, but it is one of the
biggies (mail order pet shop or that fish place) in their reptile section.
I have been running two 50 watt cables in my 125g for a couple years
without any problems.  I space them about 1.5 inches apart from each other.

Be sure to get some plastic egg crate material from the ceiling tile
section of your hardware store and some plastic cable ties from the
electical section, and tie the cables down to the egg crate.  This will 1)
keep the cables off the glass so you don't risk heating the glass too much
and 2) keep your cables from moving around when you pour in your gravel and
everytime you move plants around.