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proper pH

hi everyone,
     i e-mailed aquarium pharmaceuticals and asked them exactly how their
proper pH product works and i just wanted to pass the info on.  here's what
they said-

Proper pH is a true BUFFER.  That means that its chemical formula has a
pre-set pH.  As a buffer, it neutralizes any + or - shift in pH, in order
to maintain the pre-set pH level.  Buffers have to be strong enough to
overpower the existing buffer in the tap water.  Sometimes in highly
buffered (high KH) or very acidic water, you need to add more than one dose
of Proper pH to hit the ph level you want.

>>Proper pH is a PHOSPHATE buffer.  Phosphate buffers are the most reliable
and non-toxic buffers for freshwater aquariums.  Proper pH 8.2 is a
non-phosphate buffer made from carbonates and bicarbonates.  The phosphate
level in proper ph is SO HIGH that it ties up trace elements like iron, so
algae gowth is STUNTED.  YES.  High levels of phosphate actually stunt
algal growth.  We used phosphate buffers in 10 gallon aquariumshat were lit
by three 20 watt fl. tubes running 10 hours a day.  No excess algal growth.
The phosphate tied up the trace elements required by the algae.  Phosphate
was actually an old fashioned algacide!

NEVER use proper pH in a planted aquarium. The trace elements will be tied
up.  The plants will gradually yellow and die.<<

BTW, is that true what they say that "high levels of phosphate actually stunt
algal growth?"