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Re:GE 100% silicone

I cant speak for GE silicone from experience but here is what I have been
told/learned. A buddy that gave me my 60G and has used regular silicone for
years. He told me to be sure and read the label and to to look for "Safe for
use with food" or FDA approved. The 60G he gave me was a leaker and he
sealed it before giving it to me and used regular silicone on it. I have
raised fish and plants with no problems.

I also got a 30G long from him and it too was a leaker. I bought ACE clear
silicone. Store brand from ACE Hardware for 3.99 a tube. This is the tube
you use with a caulking gun. It says "This product is appropriate for
incidental food contact in federally inspected meat and poultry plants" This
tank has had fish and plants for 4 months or so now with no problems.

Hope this helps.

Jeff <*\\>< Acts 17:11