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GE 100% silicone

Greetings ADPers,

Anyone see any problems using GE's 100% clear silicone in a planted discus
tank.  How or is this any different between the GE silicone and "aquarium
silicone" you can purchase in your LFS at 10x the price??   The GE 100%
Clear Silicone (Stock # GE012A, see below) that I have in my hand does NOT
seem to have UV-resistant properties which I have read in the past are toxic
to plant and/or fish.

The reason I asked is that I called GE and spoke to a representative that
indicated that GE sells two silicone products that are "FDA-approved" (yea
well look at PhenPhan). They are GE stock # GE012 and GE012A.  He even went
on to say that they were "aquarium safe".

Can anyone on the list confirm this through their own experience.

Tom Brennan
brennans at ix_netcom.com