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CO2 vs Plants vs Fish

Hi all ! I'm relatively new to *serious* aquatic planting (used to dump a
couple of plants into my tanks and have them die in time !) and I saw tht
many plant tanks actually have C02 tanks attatched. I'd like to know if
yeast + sugar/glucose-containing medium will work ? 

Also, if I have fish in the tank, will the addition of CO2 harm them or
deplete the oxygen levels ? I'm particularly interested because some fish in
the planted tanks are rather sensitive (discus, flatfish etc.) 

I'm now having 2 varieties of swords, the typical and dwarf variety of
A.nana (am I correct ?!?), plenty of Hydrilla, a species that has bulbs (I
think it's a crypt) and some that look like the marine tape grass. Any ideas
on the botanical name ? 
I'm also having some Arrowheads and duckweed in my killie tubs. 

Hope to hear from you all soon ! 
Hong Yee