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website pictures updated

I have added a new page of aquarium plant pictures on my web site at

There are more pix coming but I haven't finished the html pages for the
captions etc. 

Currently I'm building a photograph jig from white cardboard for
photographing killies. This goes around the end of the tank to calm the
fish so they pose better. Shaped like a long tapering tunnel to the lens
of the camera. The end of a 2 gallon tank is partitioned with a piece of
black tile which I've cut and filed to make a 1" enclosure at one end of
the tank to keep the fish at the proper focus. Using 1600 ASA film; off
camera flash and no special lens. I may switch to using a continuous
bulb from above and going with ambient lighting as its less tricky than
using the flash (maybe). Suggestions welcome.

Aquatic Gardeners Association    Vancouver chapter.