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24v transformer

Ok after reading everything I could find in the APD archives I am going to
breakdown and purchase the Dupla 50w UG heating cables for a 30g plant tank
(this coming from a guy who just wired his own sub panel and basement).
Something about being wet and getting zapped bothers me.

I called Radio Shack  looking for a 24w transformer.  According to the guy
at the 800 number (you don't want to call this 800 #), Radio Shack doesn't
sell the 24v transformer everyone's been talking about in the archives
anymore.  The Radio Shack guy on the phone was kind of brain-dead maybe he
was wrong?   Anybody bought one from them lately or know where I can get one
in the Wash DC area ?   As I understand (and this is from pictures) the
Dupla cables have "banana" connectors that plug into the transformer.  Is
their anything more I need to do/get to just hook them up ?  Anybody know
the size of the banana connectors or do most 24v transforms have the same
size banana connector or is this pretty generic?  Should I still install a
GFI circuit for the transformer.  I did see a 12v/3a switching transformer
in their catalog and considered wrapping all 63' of Conner Teflon coated
30AWG (at .75/ft gimee a break !), but the price was almost the same.
Do the Dupla cables come with cable anchors from Daleco? Any suggestions on
DIY anchors?

You know I just don't get it.  Why haven't the domestic vendors decided to
build and market the Dupla equivalent.  Even at 2/3 the price they would
make a killing !  Maybe JP Burleson will do it.  With the right stuff you
could make these in your garage.  I guess it's the UL listing etc  that cost
so much and the market is small.

Thanks everyone

Tom Brennan
brennans at ix_netcom.com