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RE: loaches

My clown loaches do poke holes in the Java fern, and it's definitely not 
poisonous because I transferred a large batch of it (on a piece of 
driftwood) into an unplanted tank with two 6-inch tinfoil barbs.  They 
liked the Java fern salad even better than the anacharis and duckweed I 
dump in there every week.  I had hoped they would leave the Java fern alone 
so I could decorate a little better, but no such luck.  It may taste bad to 
any self-respecting fish, but as far as I can tell, tinfoils will eat 
pretty much anything. I think the deterrant for most fish is that the 
leaves seem pretty tough compared to many other aquatic plants.  Maybe it's 
just not worth the effort?

mshea at delta_info.net

>I have also noticed holes in several types of plants in tanks with 
>They seem to damage every broad-leafed plant but Java fern. Also, goldfish 
>nearly any plant, but don't even nibble on Java fern either. Could it be 
>Java fern is poisonous or bad-tasting ?