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Re: Laterite sources in Canada

Hi everyone,

I'm back, after a long absence. General hello to all of the long timers.

In APD V3 #77, Vernon Matheson was asking about laterite sources in Canada,
specifically east of Toronto.

Vernon, you don't specify, but are you looking for retail sources of
Duplarit or a similar product, or are you using the term "laterite" as a
general way to describle an iron rich clay, and are wondering where you
might find it naturally (i.e. for free, go dig it yourself)?

Check the archives of this list - just run a query on "laterite", that
should come up with some pointers. Retail sources of Dupla products are
almost impossible to find in Canada now (at least in Toronto) but there is
always mail order - I get all of my Dupla products from the States. It's not
cheap but it is easy.

If you're looking for an iron rich clay, any pottery supply house should
have something close to what you might be looking for.

Hope this helps.

James Purchase
Toronto, Ontario
jpurch at interlog_com