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Re: DIY light fixtures, know of good site?

Beverly (or anyone!),

I have two shoplights (LOA type).  Would those be suitable for parts?  I
bought them because they were cheap, and I didn't know about building
wrecking companies at the time  (I'll remember that useful bit of info,
Beverly!).  I have since heard that the shoplight ballasts aren't worth
thier weight in water.

Thank you,

Beverly Erlebacher wrote:
>Your best bet may be to buy a fixture, take it apart and reassemble the 
>relevant parts in a home made hood.  I like to put the ballast on the
>outside back of the hood to keep the heat out.  Ballasts usually have a
>sticker on them with a wiring diagram showing where the different color
>wires go.  It can be cheaper to buy a fixture than the parts to build it.
>To really save money check your local "buy and sell" paper or building
>wrecking company.  You can often get used 4' fixtures for a buck or two.