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Re: DIY light fixtures, know of good site?

> Date: Sun, 01 Feb 1998 14:37:33 -0800
> From: RiceGuy <ucmagguy at inetworld_net>
>Does anyone know a site where I can find step by step guide to building my
>own cheap light fixtures? I found a few places but the information was not very

Your best bet may be to buy a fixture, take it apart and reassemble the 
relevant parts in a home made hood.  I like to put the ballast on the
outside back of the hood to keep the heat out.  Ballasts usually have a
sticker on them with a wiring diagram showing where the different color
wires go.  It can be cheaper to buy a fixture than the parts to build it.

To really save money check your local "buy and sell" paper or building
wrecking company.  You can often get used 4' fixtures for a buck or two.