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Re:CO2 inection: cheap prophane cylinders?

Riceguy writes:

<< I've been to welder's shops to try to get CO2 cylinders, but, I was
> unwilling to pay around 100 $ for a 20lb. Anyway, a few days back I found
out that
> propane cylinders (the fat stubby type) are only $20 each, and the Propane
> included free. I was wondering if I can get one of those, empty it, and
bring it
> to a welder's shop and have them refill it with CO2.
>         Anyone ever tried this? Any comments, questions are welcomed.
Welding supply houses generally "lease" the botlle and its content.  Because
of the maintenance requirements imposed on gas suppliers by law, this assures
them that they can comply.  When the bottle is empty, they then lease you a
replacement.  IMHO, I doubt anyone will fill a propane bottle with CO2,
because of the insurance and legal issues.
But you could call them and ask.  Can't hurt, and it only costs a quarter.

Bob Dixon