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Canadian Plants

 Kevin ADAMS wrote:
>Subject: FW: Canadian Mail Order
>>anyone know of a reasonably priced Canadian mail order house. Or; Does 
>>anyone know of a legal way to get the plants into Canada.  I just about cry 
>>every time I pay $8-$12 for a crypt that AAG would sell to me for $.99 US.

Hi Kevin,

I think you probably just placed an order. I have Wendtii Red crypts.
(Steve, you got any green?) I just gave away my biggest one. If you can be
patient you can have the next one that gets too big. Don't forget that
there are no restrictions on sending plants around Canada so Canadians that
are growing aquatic plants can probably send you the plants you want for
the price of the postage. Or maybe an exchange of interesting plants. What
do you grow?

...and isn't .99 US about $10 Canadian now?? <G>

in Vancouver where it is raining a LOT but... it's 11 degrees and there are
cherry trees blooming! Hey, you can't have everything!