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Re: Magnum Filter

     >Hello.  I just bought a Magnum 330 canister filter from a friend.  I 
     >was reading about it and noticed that it needed to be oiled.  Can I 
     >use a paraffin based oil on it?  
     I don't have a Magnum, but other filters I have owned recommended 
     using 20-weight oil, usually available through the manufacturer for 
     about $1/ounce.  The instructions may have the exact oil 
     spsecifications listed, sometimes in the warranty, in fine print.  On 
     my Diatom filter, the instructions explicitly state the use of oil 
     other than 20-weight will void the warranty.
     20-weight oil can be hard to find, as it is too light for use in 
     automobile engines.  I was unable to find it in any store, but I got 
     two quarts of 20-weight oil from a local Chevron distributor.    
     However, I've heard the company that manufactures WD-40 makes a 
     product that is 20-weight oil (Note:  regular WD-40 is NOT an oil, but 
     a penetrating solvent.  It will evaporate away in a day or two, 
     leaving your Magnum unlubricated).  Read the label.
     I suppose a lighter oil may work, like 10-weight, which is more 
     commonly available (I believe the brand 3-in-1 oil is 10-weight).
     Lubricated in Austin, TX