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Forthcoming Book


>From: bob_hoesch at smtp2_irm.r9.fws.gov
>Date: Tue, 27 Jan 98 12:46:31 -0700
>To: <Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com>
>Subject: Forthcoming Book
>     I just stumbled upon this reference for a forthcoming second edition 
>     of *Dynamic Aquaria*, and thought that others on this list would be 
>     interested.  No information on price or when it will be available.
>     Found at the Conservation Biology Booksite    www.ledlie.com
>     "Adey, Walter and Karen Loveland. DYNAMIC AQUARIA, building living 
>     ecosystems, Academic, 1998, Second Edition, ca. 450 pp., color and 
>     black and white illustrations. 
>     "This second edition of this comprehensive textbook on aquarium 
>     science integrates t he fields of ecology and aquarium science to give 
>     readers a better understanding of simulated ecosystem function and 
>     ecological food webs. In a new, larger format, the second edition 
>     presents the limitations imposed upon these webs by their compression 
>     into micro- and mesocosms. The second edition includes new advances in 
>     the field and two new chapters on suspended particulates (inorganic 
>     and organic) and biomineralization. Approximately one-third of the 
>     photographs are entirely new. Partial contents : Physical environment. 
>     Biochemical environment. Biological structure. Ecological systems in 
>     microcosms, mesocosms, and aquaria. The environment and ecological 
>     engineering. NEW PUBLICATION NO DUE DATE. Prepublication price expires 
>     90 days after publication. Prepublication Price : Price not set."
>     Bob Hoesch
>     Ashland, OR
>     Bob_Hoesch at fws_gov