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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #49

>At 03:48 AM 1/26/1998 -0500,  Antonio wrote:

>Has anyone built DYI light controllers?  I would like to acquire schematics
>for a programmable timer to control several outlets digitally.  Dimming,
>and the ability to set each load's on/off cycle independently would be ideal.
>Trying to save a buck - perhaps unrealistically :]

On Monday, Jan 26 Dave Gomberg described a $250 system from Siemens and a
more expensive system using a PC plus X-10 technology.  I know of a cheaper
system that has worked well for me.  It is made by Radio Shack and the
controller costs around $40.00.  The controller sends signals through the
house wiring and can control up to eight different outlets, each with its
own on-off times.  In fact each outlet can be set for two ons and two offs,
so you can have two light and two dark periods each day, if you want.  Each
outlet has to have a $13.50 reciever module that picks up the signals from
the controller.  There are various kinds of receiver modules, and I got the
appliance modules because they can handle the most current.  I currently
have 6 tanks together on shelving all running off of one module, and two
others each with their own module, because they are widely separated in the
house.  The controller I have doesn't do dimming, but I havn't kept up with
the latest models,(or their prices) and they may now be able to do that.

>From: Raymond Yeo <movieart at pacific_net.sg>
>Subject: divider glass
.........I have this piece of glass glued right in the middle
>of the top of the tank and it look like it's for the main support for
>the front and rear walls. I don't really know how effective it is but
>it's giving me alot of light loss when dust accumilates .I see most of
>the new tanks sold out there comes without it and i was wondering if i
>used a daimond cutter to snap it off...will the consequence be

I have real bad feelings about the idea of removing the divider glass.
Probably the manufacturers had reports of tanks made to those
specifications bursting, and so they added the support glass to hold things
together, rather than using thicker glass, which would make the tank more
expensive, not to mention a lot heavier.  I have heard stories about large
tanks bursting, and it is a very ugly scene!   Tanks made during the last 5
to 10 years are made with a rather slim margin of safety, unlike the older
tanks of the '70's and early '80's.

Paul Krombholz, in soggy central Mississippi where it is raining again!