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RE: devider glass

> Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 03:29:04 +0800
> >From: Raymond Yeo <movieart at pacific_net.sg>
> Subject: divider glass

> The question is ....i have this piece of glass glued right in the middle
> of the top of the tank and it look like it's for the main support for
> the front and rear walls. I don't really know how effective it is but
> it's giving me alot of light loss when dust accumilates .I see most of
> the new tanks sold out there comes without it and i was wondering if i
> used a daimond cutter to snap it off...will the consequence be
> disasterous? i hate to clean it so regularly and i am on the verge of
> breaking it,,can someone give me advise on my decision? the divider
> collects not only food flakes, dust and obstructs my hand from reaching
> plants from the other end! frusfrating!!!help me guy out please! i have
> a 4 ft by 1.5...nad the major pain is cleaning the middle glass panel
> everyday,,,tell me,,,should i break it off with a glass cutter? is it
> safe?I am worried that they might have built the tank this way and
> anything removed might cause a diassater..can some one help me please?
> Thanx,,Ray(singapore)

Watch out, Raymond!! That piece of glass adds support to the front and back
glass.  If it is removed, the front and back will bow out, and the glass might
even break.  I had a friend who broke the top support on a 110 gallon tank, and
the glass bowed four or five inches.  Even if the tank doesn't break, it
certianly won't be right.

Maybe you can replace it with a smaller brace made of metal, I don't know.  I
certianly wouldn't want to try.