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Re: snails

Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 03:44:32 +0800
From: Raymond Yeo <movieart at pacific_net.sg

I recently found snails breeding in my tanks. i probrably got them from
some new plants and they are producing faster than algae! Can anyone
tell me if they eat new plant shoots? I find all the new leaves on my
plants nibbled off and i wonder who the culprit might be.......the SAE"S
or the CAE"s or the Cardinals? I feed my fishes about once every 3 days
but i am not giving the ottos or the sae's and the cae's any food. WHo
could be the culprit? Help me if anyone knows about this subject.
Raymond Yeo

Same here.  The snails were small, fast movers, and came with my plants, I
am sure.  But I did not get nibbled leaves.  On advice from the Discus
Mailing List I got a couple of Clown Loaches.  Within 24 hours most of the
snails had gone.  After three days total not a one in sight - and they have
not recurred.  Interesting fish.  Feed them on tablets - they are bottom
feeders.  I use TetraTabiMin.  Best to get 2 (I have 3 now) 'cos they are
gregarious.  For the first couple of weeks they hid, but they come out
often now, esp. in the evening.

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