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Proper pH

Patrick wrote: >>>I have a question about the so called alage destroyer
you see in the fish stores.  What is this all about?  Does it work? Will
it take away the PH buffers in the aquarium?  I guess another question
is how do I get rid of Alage Hair? I'ts making my plants look bad.  My
lights are on for about 10-12 hours, I use DIY CO2, I've added propper
PH 6.5 to keep the ph steady.>>>

I don't actually know what Proper pH is but I suspect that it is a
phosphate pH buffer which is going to raise all kinds of hell with your
planted tank. I wouldn't use the Algae Destroyer product myself (I'm not
saying it is a bad product; just that it will only treat the symptoms of
your problem). If you've got a lot of hair algae, you most likely have a
nutrient problem which you've got to solve over the long run to be

I would start by getting rid of the phosphate buffer by changing water
until the tank pH matches the pH of tap water that has sat out over
night.  Then I would learn to manage pH through manipulation of
carbonate hardness (KH) and CO2.  The pH doesn't need to be spot-on
steady; it can fluctuate with the DIY CO2.  Then you want to work
carefully with plant nutrients until you get a feel for raising plants
without tons of algae.  It may take a while, but you'll have fun
learning.  Be patient.

Regards and good luck, Steve Dixon