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Problems, problems, problems

    The subject says it all. I've just joined this mailing list, so please understand that
there maybe stupid question that might have already been answered.
    Let's start so all of you can ohhhh, aweee, and laugh at all the problems Im having. I
live in San Diego, so my water is extremely hard (don't know the ppm thing), and a pH > 8.0
(my test kit doesn't go that high). I've added RO water and it is not helping any. I have 2
coke bottles that are 2 liters that I use to make CO2, I change alternately change 1 bottle
every week.
    My tank is completely over-grown. NOT with plants, but with algae. Ugly, nasty, slimy,
blue-green algae- so nasty, my plecos pass them up. I was told that blue-green algae can be
killed with myracyn (or something like that). Someone else told me that I have a Phosphate
problem, they told me to use Phosopho-Sorb (or something like that).
    I look at my water sprites and I see the blue-green algae. The water sprite is still
under the blue-green algae.... I think.
    My plants are dying, even the ones that are not covered by the algae. They are turning
yellowish, especially the young leaves. Could it be traced elements problem? However, I was
told by a fellow fish society that it is not a traced element problem, not in San Diego. I've
added Kent Fresh water plant traced elements, it doesn't seem to help much.
    In this planted tank, I have an Oscar, a Green Terror, 3 small plecostomus, 3 angel fish,
blue-green algae, blue-green algae, and of course, blue-green algae!
    Help! Thanks!